High voltage transformers, inductors and electric power supply

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About us

The company Wickeltechnik-Langer is now since 5 decades.



founded by Mr. Wolfgang Langer and his wife, in Hannover / Hainholz his small company.



the company has been increased. A new site was sought and found. In the industrial area Laatzen / Rethen, in the Bremer Str. 3. Conveniently well located, right next to the Hanover Fair.



the company has been increased once again. A larger building, which was adjacent to the old building right next door, taken in the Bremer Str. 5 in operation.

For the family business innovation was always in the foreground, to the development always a step ahead. Here, the high level of quality of their products is the measure of their performance. The company Wickeltechnik Langer specializes in high-voltage transformers, transformers, coils, chokes, filters and especially in custom transformers.


The transformers are manufactured with high quality standards and tested. Together with his son Mr. Langer develops individual solutions for specific customer requirements, thus special specifications can be implemented in a targeted manner.


The company Wickeltechnik-Langer has a global presence with its products. We can proudly say that the renowned specialist manufacturers are among our customers. After 50 years Wickeltechnik, we are truly proud.


The history and the past of our company is important for our present and for our future. Only if we know where we come from, what we have done so far, we can face new challenges.


Wickeltechnik Langer - Bremerstraße 3+5 - 30880 Laatzen, Germany - Fon: +49 5102 / 3100 - Fax: +49 5102 / 4791