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The history of Wickeltechnik Langer GmbH & Co KG in Laatzen

Our three-generation business can look back at a long tradition. We have been working with transformers of all kinds since 1965. Over five decades, we have thus been able to build up significant specialist knowledge and experience.

Company Timeline

Mr Wolfgang Langer, together with his wife, founded his small company in the Hanover district of Hainholz.

The company expanded. New premises were needed, and they were found in the Laatzen/Rethen industrial estate at Bremer Str. 3. Easy to get to and located directly at Hanover’s trade fair grounds.

The company expanded again. A larger building that neighbours the old one – right next store at Bremer Str. 5 – was opened up.

Our family business has always put great store by innovation in order to stay one step ahead of development. The high quality level of our products is the measure of our performance. Our company, Wickeltechnik Langer GmbH & Co KG, is specialised in high-voltage transformers, transducers, coils, chokes, filters and, in particular, customer-specific transformers.

The transformers are manufactured and tested according to high quality standards. Together with his son, Mr Langer develops individual solutions for specific customer requirements in order to allow special specifications to be implemented in the right way.

Our company, Wickeltechnik Langer GmbH & Co KG, is represented by its products all over the world. Many renowned specialist manufacturers are among our customers. We can be really proud of 50 years of Wickeltechnik Langer.

Our history and our past are important to our company’s present and, indeed, its future. Only when we know where we have come from and what we have achieved in the past can we face up to new challenges.