high-voltage transformers

High-voltage transformers in oil with the best reliability are used for many and varied applications. The transformer is completely installed in oil. The oil cools and insulates the device, allowing the oil transformer to reach the highest possible performance. For electrical energy applications or industrial and special applications, we at Wickeltechnik Langer GmbH & Co KG can tailor these oil transformers to your customer-specific requirements. Our products are designed for high-performance and long-lasting use.

Oil transformers in critical ambient conditions

Your unique oil-transformer solution has been technically optimised either as a one-off product or as part of a series. High-voltage transformers in oil are particularly suitable for high-voltage ranges. We will be happy to design special versions of high-voltage transformers for you. We use only high-quality materials that are subjected to our strict quality control.



At Wickeltechnik Langer GmbH & Co KG, you will receive a high-voltage transformer in oil that has been specifically tailored for your application and professionally built. Contact us by telephone at: 

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