One-Phase Transformer

One-phase transformers from Wickeltechnik Langer GmbH & Co KG in Laatzen

We, at Wickeltechnik Langer GmbH & Co KG in Laatzen, can build you customised one-phase transformers. The one-phase transformers are specially developed to meet your requirements and are designed for individual use. The transformers can be used worldwide and fulfil all provisions. We calculate the components you need exactly according to your specifications and requirements and produce them using long-lasting materials – while also offering value for money. Our precise and efficient way of working means that even special productions do not need to be expensive.

We can supply you with cost-effective one-phase transformers in accordance with your requirements. We can offer you specially manufactured one-off models or small series that match your requirements exactly. Whether you are looking for a cost-optimised, low-loss or energy-efficient model, we can give you the customer-specific variant you need. All of our transformers are subject to a detailed quality assurance cycle.

Have a specialist company draw up a special production to match your application – and we will build it especially for you. We will be happy to provide you with a personal consultation at:

(0 51 02) 3100